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Reaching Higher To Improve Your Service

BGE Uses Drones For Faster, Safer and More Thorough Equipment Inspections.


What’s the fastest way to the top of a utility pole? Today, it’s a drone. And they’re helping BGE improve the reliability of your power.

Drones are small, remote-controlled aerial vehicles that can safely investigate normally hard-to-reach equipment that might be elevated, blocked by dense vegetation, or blocked by some other high-risk access challenge.

Here’s what makes them so valuable in maintaining, repairing and replacing BGE equipment:

  Better Imaging

High quality images and video from multiple angles help BGE identify potential issues sooner so they can be addressed earlier.


Drones operate at a fraction of the cost associated with reaching elevated and/or remote equipment locations.


A drone can perform a full inspection of a site in a fraction of the time it would normally take.


Drones allow BGE personnel to stay safely on the ground while inspecting poles and other equipment.

  Highly Trained

Every drone operator is required to undergo rigorous training and pass an FAA certification exam.

  Less Disruptive

By flying drones directly to the targeted piece of equipment, it minimizes the need for crews to access private property and significantly reduces the environmental impact of equipment inspections.

Caution: Drones at Work

• Drone operators will always be identified by a BGE hardhat and a yellow safety vest.

• Please do not engage with a drone operator or approach or touch an active drone.

• Report all suspicious behavior to BGE customer service at 800.685.0123.

• As with any work area, please use caution when crews are working in your neighborhood.

Download the Drone Brochure

Watch Our Drone Pilots Hang Markers on Overwater Power Lines



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