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EV for Business

​Powering Your Fleet of Electric Vehicles

More and more businesses are incorporating electric vehicles (EVs) into their fleet– and the change is paying off. By transitioning your fleet of vehicles to electric models, you could lower operating costs, increase vehicle performance and employee safety, and reenforce your commitment to sustainability.

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Lowering operating costs: EVs may have a higher upfront cost but with fewer vehicle parts that could need repair or replacement and lower fuel costs by switching from gasoline or diesel to elec

Vehicle performance and employee/public safety: EV batteries offer a low center of gravity which gives drivers a comfortable, safer ride and great handling. With the low center of gravity and advanced technology features, your employees will be driving some of the safest vehicles on the road – not to mention, a much cleaner and quieter environment to work in.

Commitment to sustainability: The expected benefits of improved air quality due to reduced emissions from an EV is an important component in environmental stewardship. Data suggests that the overall lifecycle of an EV produces less Greenhouse Gas emissions than a vehicle with an internal combustion engine. By transitioning your fleet to electric, you are making a commitment to your employees, your customers, your investors, and your communities to protect the environment. In addition, fleet electrification can support broader sustainability goals that companies are setting to reduce their GHG emissions. 

BGE supporting your EV strategies: We recognize that the road to electrification can be bumpy for some customers but we're here to offer our guidance and insights to help make the transition as seamless as possible for you.  For example, updating and adding new utility service may be part of your analysis.  As such, we have developed a comprehensive Vehicle Electrification Roadmap specifically designed for our commercial fleet customers to help guide you through the electrification process. Click Here

BGE would like to support your electrification plans and we recommend contacting us early in your planning process at

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