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EVsmart Charger Finder

Get more with BGE’s EVsmart Public Charging Network.

BGE makes it easy for you to find safe, reliable charging stations as you drive around central Maryland, thanks to the BGE EVsmart Public Charging Network—a partnership between BGE, Shell Recharge Solutions and state and local governments. 

Two Ways To Charge

Choose the option that best fits your charging level needs.

How to Pay

  • Shell Recharge Solutions. Download the app for iPhone or Android, scan the QR code on the charger and follow the directions on the charger’s screen.
  • Credit Card. To use a credit card, call 855-900-PLUG (7584).
  • RFID Card. If you have an RFID card, scan it on the charger to pay.

Find a BGE EVsmart Charger 

Charge at Home

EVsmart makes it easy for you to save money while charging at home. Right now, you can receive a $50 annual incentive when you install a qualified Level 2 charger for your home and charge your car during off-peak hours. You may also be eligible for the BGE Vehicle Charging Time-of-Use rate, which allows you to charge your EV at home for a reduced rate during nights and weekends.

*Rebates are limited and available while supplies last.

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