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Frankford Avenue Pathway Project

Service type
Right-of-Way improvement

Baltimore City, north of Greencrest Road between Frankford Avenue and Sinclair Lane

May 2020 — June 2020 (phase one)
September/October 2020 (phase two begins)


Project description
BGE has installed a new pedestrian pathway within BGE existing Right-of-Way (ROW), just north of Greencrest Road between Frankford Avenue and Sinclair Lane. Construction on this gravel pathway began in mid-May and finished during the first week of June 2020. BGE has been working with the community to develop a plan to make the ROW more aesthetically pleasing, environmentally beneficial, and user-friendly to people who use it as a short cut to Sinclair Lane and other areas.

Phase Two of this project is scheduled to begin in late September or early October of 2020. Phase Two is the proposed installation of wildflower planting beds adjacent to the walking path. BGE will be updating the community with a letter detailing more about this next phase and provide an opportunity for the community to comment on the proposed plantings.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact Ms. Joy Hamilton at 410-562-4928 or via email at and reference the Frankford Avenue Pathway Project.

Project resources

Project map

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