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Real World Experience

Virtual reality, a game changer in training

Learning and development is an integral part of every BGE employee’s career path. BGE’s Virtual Reality (VR) is an innovative way to allow employees to experience ultra-realistic simulations of procedures and job performance tasks without exposure to safety hazards. VR makes use of video gaming technology to offer simulated field training and operation qualifications scenarios. Training modules available for natural gas, electric, and substation entry, are designed to fit learning objectives ranging from simple to complex and is a high effective way to compliment hands-on training. BGE is committed to equipping our workforce with new skills, knowledge and expertise that best serve our customers, promote safety, and advance careers.

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Get an inside look at BGE's virtual reality program


  An Immersive Experience.

Employees can interact with the virtual environment in lifelike simulations.

  Real-time Feedback. 

Users can experience the real-time consequences of their choices in a safe environment.

  Accelerates training.

VR decreases the time it takes to become proficient in a task, with employees applying their virtual-world learnings to on-the-job experience.

  Continues to grow.

VR training can be expanded to reproduce many different scenarios employees face in the field.

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