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Applying For Interconnection

​The Maryland Public Service Commission (PSC) requires that all Small Generator Interconnection equipment connected to BGE's electric utility distribution system be approved by the requirements of Section 20.50.09 of the Code of Maryland Regulations.

These regulations ensure that anyone that wants to install generators up to 10,000 kW have a consistent way of applying to BGE for interconnection using standard applications.

Maryland Standard Small Generator Interconnection Rule

Examples of Interconnection equipment include:

  • Wind turbines, photo voltaics (PV)
  • Small gas-turbine generators
  • Fuel cells
  • Solar panels
  • Small internal combustion-engine generators (ICE)
  • Steam turbine units (cogeneration)

Interconnection applications are not required for the following:

  • Customers with residential small generator equipment that are not connected to a power grid
  • Customers with back-up generators used during outages only (for 100 milliseconds or less)

Existing System Owner/New Owner

​Any customer moving in to a premises with an existing, net-metered generation system is required to take ownership and responsibility of the system. Please familiarize yourself with all rules and policies regarding small generator interconnection before submitting the change form below.

If you have any additional questions regarding BGE’s Small Generator Interconnection Agreement or net metering, please email your question and contact information to

The first step in the application process is to determine whether your equipment falls under the scope of Maryland regulations that require an application to be submitted to BGE to interconnect.

Any small electricity generator facility that will be interconnected to an electric distribution system that is owned or operated by an electric company in Maryland and meets the following criteria must be registered:

  1. The nameplate capacity of the small generator facility is equal to or less than 10 MW (10,000 kW);
  2. The small generator facility is not subject to the interconnection requirements of PJM Interconnection, LLC; and,
  3. The small generator facility is designed to operate in parallel (i.e., connected) with BGE's electric distribution system.

If your generator application falls under the regulations outlined above and will be electrically connected in BGE's service area, you must apply to BGE for approval to interconnect. If a generator exceeds 2,000 kW, you may be required to file a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity (CPCN) with the Maryland Public Service Commission (MD PSC). Please refer to the MD PSC Website CPCN Exemptions: Frequently Asked Questions for more information about these requirements.

After Applying

BGE Sends You an Interconnection Agreement

BGE will mail an Interconnection Agreement to you within five business days to notify you that your request has been approved.

You Must Return a Signed Agreement to BGE

You have 30 calendar days after receiving the Interconnection Agreement to sign and return it, or the request will be withdrawn unless there is agreement to extend.

You will receive a Certificate of Completion that must be returned to BGE

As a final step, BGE will send you a Certificate of Completion (PDF, 17 KB). It contains information about the interconnection equipment to be used, its installation, and should include proof, such as a copy of a certificate of inspection, that the installation has been inspected and approved by the local inspection authority. You must complete and return the certificate to BGE after the installation is completed and final electrical inspector approval has been obtained.
It must be returned to BGE prior to interconnected operation. In addition, all of the funds (if applicable) due to BGE related to the requested interconnection services must be received by the company before interconnection to BGE's electric system can occur.

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