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Choosing An Application

​​There are four levels of applications. Almost all residential generator applications will be Level 1, but some small industrial and commercial generator applications may also fall under Level 1.
Levels 2, 3 and 4 generator applications usually involve either industrial or commercial applications.
Please see the descriptions below for information on each level.
Supplemental information:

Instructions for Interconnection Application For Community Solar Projects (PDF)

Aggregated Net Metering Addendum (PDF)

  MD Energy Storage Form (PDF)

Please note: you must be the customer on record in BGE's billing system in order to apply for interconnection.

Level 1: Systems up to 20 kW AC Expedited Review

These systems are inverter-based and must be tested to Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) and Underwriters Laboratory (UL) standards by a nationally recognized test laboratory. Household photo voltaic systems are an example of the type of small generator equipment that is expected to qualify for Level 1 expedited review.

Level 2: Systems Greater than 20 kW AC Expedited Review

These systems must use equipment approved by a nationally recognized testing laboratory or must have been previously approved by an electric utility under a study process. Systems in this size range do not have to be inverter-based and are expected to use a variety of technologies including photo voltaics, reciprocating engines, micro turbines, fuel cells, small wind generators, and combined heat and power units. Level 2 procedures also provide for the interconnection of systems less than 50kW to area networks. Projects over 1350 kW AC connecting to 13 kV circuits must be studied under Level 4.

Level 3: "Do Not Export" Review

These systems qualify for expedited review if they use special equipment to ensure they will not export power from the customer premises on to the electric distribution system. The vast majority of small generators that qualify for review under this category are expected to be standby generator facilities that interconnect at distribution system voltages and operate in parallel for more than 100 milliseconds. Net metered small generators are not eligible for a Level 3 review.

Level 4: Detailed Study Process

Small generators that do not qualify for expedited review or have not been accepted under an expedited review already conducted will be evaluated under the procedures outlined in this category. Because the small generators in this category are expected to be larger and will use application-specific interconnection equipment, a more in-depth evaluation of the potential impacts of the small generator on the electric distribution system is necessary. For this reason, reviews conducted under a Level 4 application are more involved and will take more time. Projects over 1350 kW AC connecting to 13 kV circuits must be studied under Level 4.

Paper applications should be mailed to:
BGE Green Power Connection Team
1068 N Front St
3rd Floor
Baltimore, MD 21202
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