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Community Solar Customers

At BGE, we are moving smart energy forward for our customers and communities. Today, our customers have more choices than ever before in receiving reliable, clean, affordable and innovative energy products, and we are committed to driving that progress.

What Is Community Solar?

As part of our commitment, BGE supports community solar as an opportunity for customers to benefit from solar energy.

For over a century, energy was primarily generated at large central plants, often at considerable distance from the customer. With community solar, a solar generating system provides benefits to community members.

Community options expand access to solar power for renters, those with shaded roofs or properties, and those who choose not to install a system at their home or business for financial or other reasons.

BGE Community Solar Pilot Program

The Maryland Public Service Commission has adopted regulations for a community energy pilot program in Maryland. Customers can participate in the pilot program by purchasing a subscription to a portion of the energy generated by a Community Solar Energy Generating System (known as “CSEGS”) from a Subscriber Organization. Once the subscription is purchased and the CSEGS is producing electricity, the customer will receive a credit on their BGE bill (will appear on the BGE bill as a “Community Solar Adjustment”) for their subscribed share of the CSEGS energy production.

The community energy pilot program will:

  • Provide access to solar-generated electricity – in a manner similar to rooftop solar and net metering – for all Maryland customers without requiring property ownership;
  • Provide for individual community solar projects that will be operated by Subscriber Organizations that are approved by the Public Service Commission with the CSEGSs approved by BGE.
  • Attract new investment in Maryland’s renewable infrastructure and green economy;
  • Allow renters to contract for solar energy with the same benefits as rooftop owners;
  • Include significant consumer protections, including prohibition against unreasonable fees and clear contract disclosure requirements; and
  • Allow the Commission Staff to collect necessary data to study the impact on Maryland’s electricity grid over the three-year pilot program.

BGE will continue to provide information on this Pilot Program so continue to check for further updates.

For more information or questions, please email:

For Community Solar Current Rates, please click here.

Diagram showing relationships between BGE, Subscribers, Subscriber Organizations and CSEGS 

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