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Smart Meters

Smart meters are digital, electric meters that wirelessly provide secure, two-way communication between the meter and BGE and also allow you access to more information about your usage. Similar meters exist for natural gas.

A Smart Meter Provides Three Key Benefits

  1. More control over your energy use to help you save money.
  2. Better service by automatically sending meter readings, helping eliminate estimated bills and the need for a meter reader to visit your home.
  3. Quicker response times during outages and more efficient outage restoration.




Smart Meters for BGE Customers

BGE began installing smart meters in Spring 2012 and most customers across the service area now have upgraded electric and gas meters. Customers with outdoor meters were informed of their meter upgrade by postcard prior to the technician's visit, and a door hanger was left after the meter upgrade. Customers with at least one meter (gas or electric) indoor or otherwise inaccessible were upgraded during an appointment.

If you do not wish to have a smart meter installed, there are related fees for opting out.

Learn more about Opt Out 

BGE will enroll customers into the opt-out program automatically if they have not responded to multiple requests for an installation appointment. If you do not yet have a smart meter, or to avoid these fees, please call BGE at 1-855-470-8800 today. Convenient appointments are available, including evenings and weekends.


Please note: BGE is upgrading both electric and gas meters. If one of your meters is outdoors and the other meter is indoors or otherwise inaccessible, such as behind a gate, we may have upgraded your outdoor meter, but we still need access to your additional meter. You will be considered as opting out, and assessed the opt-out fees, unless we are able to upgrade both meters. If one of your meters still needs to be upgraded, please call BGE at 1-855-470-8800 to schedule an appointment.

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