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Small Business Energy Reports

BGE’s Small Business Energy Reports Pilot provides you with detailed information about your small business’s energy use and helps you discover ways to save money and improve your bottom line. The Program is available at no additional cost and is currently in pilot phase with only 10,000 BGE business customers selected to participate.

If you are one of the selected customers, starting in 2016, you will begin receiving bi-monthly paper and email reports along with other resources informing you of your small business’s energy use in comparison to similar small businesses. In addition, you will have online access to even more detailed insights about your business’s comparison and energy usage through your BGE Online Account.

By signing into your BGE Online Account, you can:

  • Analyze Your Usage - Track your small business’s energy consumption monthly or hour-by-hour and day-by-day if you have a smart meter. You can also see how your energy usage fluctuates in relation to the weather, find out how your energy bills compare by month and track your peak demand usage.
  • Get Personalized Savings Tips - View tips, customized specifically for your small business. Find all types of energy saving tips including no-cost, low-cost and investment-oriented energy savings tips.
  • Create a Plan– Build your own personalized energy savings plan based on the energy savings tips you select, and track how your energy use decreases as you check off action items from your plan.
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