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Understanding Your Small Business Energy Report

Understanding your energy use is the first step towards saving. With easy-to-read graphs, your Small Business Energy Report provides you with helpful information about the way your business uses energy and helps you find smart ways to make your business more efficient.

Here's how it works:
Customers selected to participate in the pilot will receive a paper Small Business Energy Report in the mail approximately once every other month. If BGE has your email address on file, we will also email you a bi-monthly Small Business Energy Report with details about your monthly energy usage.

  • Small Business Comparison
    The report compares your energy use to 50 similar small businesses in your community. Similar small businesses are defined as being in the same industry, having a similar square footage and being close in proximity. This data is obtained through publicly available data sources, but it is strongly recommended that you verify the profile attributes about your small business through your BGE Online Account, in order to ensure that your comparison is as accurate as possible.
  • Energy Saving Tips
    You will receive tips on how to reduce your small business’s energy use, giving you opportunities to improve how you compare to other similar small businesses.
    Energy Saving Tips Example 
  • Baseline Usage Comparison
    See your small business’ monthly usage this year compared to your monthly usage last year, and find out if you’ve made any progress.
    Sample report: your small business' monthly usage this year compared to your monthly usage last year. 
  • Best Practices
    Find out what the energy saving best practices are for your business’s industry, and whether there are any available rebates offered through the BGE Smart Energy Savers Program®.
    Best Practices Example 
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