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Understanding Your Small Business Online Account

YourBGE Online Account will help you keep tabs on your small business’s energy use at all times. Access it anytime on your computer, tablet, or smart phone, and start taking advantage of all the available features including the “My Usage Details”, “Ways to Save”, “My Plan” and more. Learn more about these helpful features below.

My Usage Details
Located within the “My Energy Use” tab of your BGE Online Account, the “My Usage Details” feature allows you to track your energy usage in a variety of ways. You can change the view mode of the graph by clicking on one of the buttons below the graph:

  • Usage: The “Usage” view displays your small business’s historical kilowatt hours (kWh) energy use in the form of a line graph.
  • Costs: The “Costs” view displays your small business’s historical energy usage costs. These costs only represent billed charges that vary with usage. They will not exactly match your BGE bills since they do not include flat fees and other fixed charges.
  • Weather: The “Weather” view displays your small business’s kWh usage in comparison to the average temperature. The average temperature is provided by a third party weather data vendor that sources measurements from the airport weather station nearest to your small business’s address.
  • Demand: The “Demand” view displays energy demand in the form of a line graph – similar to the “Usage” view. Demand refers to the rate at which your small business consumes electricity, not the actual amount that is consumed. As a result, the trends are expressed in kilowatts (KW) rather than kilowatt hours (KWh).


Ways to Save
Use yourBGE Online Account to browse through a vast library of energy-saving tips categorized by type, cost, and season. You can find out about available financial rebates, upfront costs, and the payback period for implementing certain tips. Information on how many of your fellow small businesses are following particular tips is also available. As you browse through the tips, identify which ones make sense for your small business and add them to your energy savings plan.

Ways to Save Example


My Plan
Use your BGE Online Account to keep track of the energy improvements that you want to make. Add tips to your energy savings plan and track how your usage decreases as you complete each tip.

My Plan Example 

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