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How Weather Impacts Usage

Heating and cooling are the biggest energy users in your home or business. Weather could impact your bill greatly when these systems work their hardest. 

In extreme heat and cold, your air systems are working hard and using a great deal of energy to maintain your desired inside temperature. Not only that, but everyone else in your area is also demanding more energy from their heating and cooling systems—and that puts a drain on the energy supply.
  • Changes in outdoor temperature may make your heating or cooling equipment run longer and use more electricity.
  • Even a few days of extreme temperatures can make a difference in your bill
  • Portable and strip heaters are two sources of very high energy demand
  • Cleaning and replacing your air conditioner’s filter every month will help your unit run more efficiently
  • Higher humidity in the summer can keep your air conditioner running longer. It feels warmer in high humidity, so many tend to lower their thermostats—using more energy.
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